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11 February 2012 @ 10:13 pm

Going to see Adrian Pasdar next weekend in Niagara Falls. I'm actually staying at the casino this time. I'm really excited about that. Not sure if I'm bringing laptop since they aren't wireless yet. I'm getting my hair styled for him.

I found MV filmed/is filming 2 movies right now. When The Bough Breaks was filmed in December with Gabriel Macht & he's doing Killing Season with Robert DeNiro, John Travolta & Elizabeth Olin. Robert effing DeNiro. I bet MV is in absolute awe of him.

Show update
Sunday OUAT
Monday Alcatraz(dropping it I think) TLG Castle Smash H50
Tuesday Glee
Wednesday Revenge

I so want to see Chronicle badly

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26 October 2011 @ 07:30 pm

I woke up early Tuesday looking forward to an amazing time. I got cleaned up and was ready to leave by 10am. I waited until 10:20am to leave. I wish I had left at 10am. I kept getting stuck behind slow people. Border crossings were a breeze since I've had bad experiences with that in the recent past. I got into Toronto before rush hour. That was sweet. That is where things went bad. I parked in an underground garage with no parking attendant-hello I want a parking attendant. Those prepaid meters are a joke because I was in the middle of Chinatown with no coinage. Ugh never again. I then went searching for the theater which was several blocks away from me. Boy, did I get a work out. I then searched for wifi. I found it on Kings St Starbucks. On my way back to check on my car, it started to rain & I got soaked. All my hair efforts went down the tubes. I hope I don't get sick. I decided to move my truck to another closer location. I then went up to the theater to wait and wait to pick up tickets & get into the theater. Will call opened late. 630 arrived and the doors opened. I got a seat on the side aisle. I had overheard the cast & crew were sitting in these 2 rows. The cast & director came up on stage and introduced the movie. There was a short movie called Blindside that was gruesome but hilarious. It was about a guy making airline reservation changes & in the background you slowly see the world ending. Then The Divide started. It was so gruesome but it really made you think. The cast was fantabulous. I'd recommend it when it comes out. Do not eat food though because it does turn your stomach a lot. I want to see it again. Also, they sold out the Toronto premiere. At the end of the movie, some ass hat told me that I act inappropriately. I almost bitched him out and left without talking to MIlo but I didn't. I moved seats & stayed for the Q and A. It was very interesting. There is actually 15 more minutes in the movie. After the q & a, I went to the corner of the stage but I didn't get the photo at that point. I was forced to leave but they told me that they would be leaving through the box office. I was skeptical but I went up to the box office. After another 1/2 hour, I got to talk to Milo. The 1st thing he said was, "I usually just see you at Cons." I told him I live 163 miles south of Toronto. He also said, "That was a real departure for me, isn't it?" I told him definitely yes. We also talked about I Hate You Dad. He's seeing it this week & teased me about the fact that I have to wait until June to see it. We also spoke about Kissed of the Damn. No release date but I told him I'd love to see that one in Rochester. I then asked for the annual picture which he obliged. I even asked for a smile and I got it. He asked for a hug. I admit I had butterflies in my stomach. I then left. I almost hit a deer but fate was on my side.

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26 August 2011 @ 12:06 am

I'm on my last 2 days of vacation. I'm so bored. I hope to hit Artisan Works tomorrow. I wish I had real life friends to do stuff with that lived nearby. I also want a fish fry.

TV show updates-I watch more summer tv than fall tv. Fall tv is Castle/Hawaii 5-0/Glee/Being Human/Once/Revenge/EMHE Also huge news-Breakin In got renewed after being canceled. See you midseason.

Summer tv-Teen Wolf/The Lying Games/Covert Affairs/Franklin & Bash/Necessary Roughness/Suits/Marvel Anime & True Blood

My list of hotties
Milo Ventimiglia/Adrian Pasdar
Gabriel Macht
Alex Skarsgaard
Alex O'Loughlin
Nathan Fillion

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08 July 2011 @ 09:59 pm
flight from ROC to SD on United $650

Hotel reservation at Residence Inn by Marriott Gaslap Quarter $1000

CC tickets $105

seeing the Marvel Anime G4 panel 7/22/11 430-530pm Room 6BCF PRICELESS

Then off to have a wonderful dinner.
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Saturdays seem to be the best day of the week for me. I camped out for the HEROES SDCC08 panel. I met Milo Ventimiglia at NYCC09. I met Adrian Pasdar in 2010 at the BFTV concerts at the Fallsview Casino. These all happened on a Saturday. When I heard BFTV was returning to the Fallsview again this year, I knew I wanted to return. I invited 3 friends to come with me.

I woke up on Saturday to see 2 inches of wind swept snow. I did have a scary moment on the way to Niagara Falls. Someone almost turned into my truck by my house. I picked up my friends in Buffalo at 2pm. Canadian customs was very thorough. Before they let me go, the customs agent asked my friends what was up with the Peter Petrelli action figures. We all laughed. My friends RP'ed while I drove the remaining distance to Niagara Falls. We arrived at our hotel around 3:30pm and unpacked. We went to the casino around 4:30pm to pick up the tickets at will call. The band was doing soundcheck when we picked our tickets. I was relieved to see Adrian Pasdar practicing in the right corner.Yes I was worried that Adrian Pasdar wouldn't show up. We had tickets for the right floor row 3 seats 5-8. We wanted to hit the Canyon Creek Steak House to see if we could have a nice dinner before the concert but they were booked solid until 9pm. We decided on Johnny Rockets instead. It was okay but I would have gone to The Famous. We then headed to the theater. I pretty much walked to my seat without any assistance from the ushers. At 9pm, a video presentation started it lasted about 3 minutes. Then Hugh announced the band members. The band looked great. Adrian noticed us pretty much right away and pointed at us. I finally got to hear Adrian Pasdar sing John O'Reilly live. I've been waiting for this since last summer. Scott Grimes rocked it again on Walking in Memphis, Oh Darling & Don't Stop Me Now. Bob Guiney kicked butt with Wild Nights. Jesse Spencer rocked the electric violin. The audience was so lively.

When the encore started, we went the stage and rocked out with Adrian Pasdar to The Who's Teenage Wasteland, Shake A Tail Feather and We're The Band From TV. I bruised my thumbs badly from all the fun. When the show was over, the band bowed and put their instruments away. I got my Iphone out and asked Adrian for a photo. He said yes and I got cleared to go backstage for the photo. He led me past the darkened soundboard area to the backstage. The result is this glorious picture of me, Grunny and Adrian. I did ask if my friends could come back but he said no since the flu was going around. He brought me back to the theater. Csilla, Erica, Shelly and I spoke with him at length. Shelly got a birthday hug and kiss. He also signed a Valentine's Day card for her. Csilla got her ticket signed. He complimented my hair. He's so awesome. He asked what we we're doing for the rest of the night. We mentioned we hitting the bars in the casino and he said he see us around.

We left the theater and headed to Canyon Creek where I met Bob Guiney & Scott Grimes. Bob is so sweet. Scott Grimes is awesome. He talked to us for awhile both nights about band economics, birthdays, the audience, refrigerator moments, etc. We saw Adrian as he was getting drinks and approved my wine choice. We hung there for about an hour and 1/2 and walked over to R5 to chill even further. We got into R5 only to discover the band chilling in the reserved section. We sat in section across from the reserved area. I was going to head back to the room at 1:30am to get some sleep when Adrian walked in. I quickly changed plans and chilled for another 15 minutes until 2am. I wished I had stayed a wee bit longer since Csilla, Erica and Shelly got goodnight hugs.

The next night was a rinse and repeat except we were on the left side of the stage and the show was videotaped. Yes, there will be a new dvd-sweet!!!! It was nice to see a different perspective. After the show, we relaxed in R5 not thinking we'd see the band again. We hung for an hour before the waitress we had on Saturday night said the band was coming to chill. Scott was the 1st to arrive and spoke with him at length for a good solid 20 minutes it seemed. He even invited us to his table but we never went up the stairs. He told us we were very cool. Us-cool-no BFTV is cool. They left about 1.5 hours later. I headed back to the room and fell asleep with wonderful memories of the weekend in my head. I made through US customs the next day with no issues whatsoever.

The last feather in the weekend cap was Castle with guest star Adrian Pasdar. He plays a tough as nails serious as hell Homeland Security Agent. He so nailed it. He needs to come back to network tv. The ratings proved it yesterday. We found out that BFTV is going back yet again to Niagara Falls in winter and summer 2012. Plan on staying at the casino and enjoying Canyon Creek and R5. I also need to thank the constellation Orion. Before this years' and last years' trip, I went stargazing to make a wish upon that constellation for good fortunes. Orion definitely delivered.
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25 March 2011 @ 10:53 pm
If you could go out to dinner with a character from a current TV show, who would you choose, and why?

I'd go to dinner with the Petrellis. Just because.
10 January 2011 @ 11:39 pm
Lately, I've been feeling blue. I'm not sure why but I think it has to do with the fact that Heroes got canceled 5/14/10. The weekend started off with 8 hours of easy overtime at work. They even bought us lunch from Dinosaur BBQ.

Milo Ventimiglia released a new webisode for Suite 7 called 'That Guy' It was an all DSC affair. Milo directed while Russ Cundiff and Dino DeMilio wrote it. Here is the video - http://suite7.tv/

Saturday delivered very happy news- Adrian Pasdar will be on Castle for a 2 episode arc. My prayers have been answered. He'll play Homeland Security Agent Eric Fallon who's called in to help Castle stop NYC from an explosion.

Also, finally the Verizon Iphone will be announced tomorrow 1/11/11 at 11am in NYC. Wish I wish there.

Back to Milo one last time, he delivered another webisode today for the templife.tv. He plays a cook who helps find a stolen pastrami sandwich. Here is that video - http://www.thetemplife.tv/
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22 December 2010 @ 10:42 pm
What technology gadgets are on your wish list?

Ipad & Verizon iphone(when it becomes available)
24 March 2010 @ 12:05 am
I so want to go to www.heroesforautism.com but I dont have the money.

Flight from ROC to LAX 608.60
Free room/board from aunt?
VIP Tickets 200?
meeting the cast of Heroes-absolutely priceless would love to see the 'shy boys'
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08 March 2010 @ 12:17 am
This weekend was phenomenal. I don't know where to start. Actually, I do know where to start. When I heard Grunny mention that BFTV would finally play WNY, I become very happy & started researching where and when they would be playing. When the tickets went on sale, I immediately placed an order for 2 tickets (Floor Right Row 3 seats 1 & 2) At the time, I didn't know how lucky these seats would be until now. The weather was perfect for WNY late winter(40s with lots of sunshine). I left my home at 1pm and drove to Buffalo to pick up a friend. Somehow we got lost getting up to Niagara Falls and the hotel. Ended up asking for directions twice. Luckily, we got settled at the hotel down the road from casino where BFTV was playing. I decided to wear the original DSC shirt(Yes-Milo deserves a huge glomp for this night) and black jeans and my boots. Once we got ready for the concert, we walked over to the casino to pick up the tickets at will call. There was a video screen showing BFTV doing their soundcheck and we noticed that the seats were extremely close to the stage and Adrian was practicing on that side of the stage. I couldn't believe it. We decided to go to Canyon Creek Steakhouse across the way from theater. We put our names on the waitlist and took pictures of the falls then had a drink in the bar. About 15 minutes later, the entire band came into the lounge-Jamie,Bob,Jesse, Bonnie & Adrian-and sat down at the table behind us. The three of us went from laughing & chilling & watching hockey highlights to being stone cold silent. I so wanted to unlock my itouch but my screensaver was the Petrellis and that would have been the dead giveaway. Grunny, Hugh & Scott were not in sight. We were sitting at the bar. My friend Kate was the ballsy one & told Adrian to break a leg. He told her thanks & cheers. Kate and my other friend Csilla and I toasted each other's luck. You wouldn't believe how fast that wine was downed by Csilla and I. Ten minutes later, we were relieved to finally get a table where we drank another big glass of wine and ate dinner. We finished at 8:30pm & hightailed it for the theater. Kate went to her seat while Csilla and I were escorted to our seats. We were pretty much sitting on the stage. The lights lowered and Grunny started it up. They looked great. Adrian pretty entertained us all night. BFTV is awesome. Scott Grimes absolutely rocks the Queen and Marc Cohn covers. Jamie rocked Viva Las Vegas. Hugh killed it with his piano playing and dancing. Jesse Spencer owned the night with his violin playing. Baba O'Riley knocked it out of the park. Adrian was so super smiley the entire concert. When the encore started, they allowed us to go up the edge of the stage to dance. I admit, I was reluctant to do that but Csilla pushed me. Best move ever made. Csilla then had the brilliant idea to call out Adrian's name during a verse break. We got to sing into Scott Grimes microphone during the encore. He looked down and the look on his face when he saw the DSC shirt was priceless. He smiled intensely at me and spoke right to me for about a minute or so. For some reason, I think he thought I might have come from a great distance to see the show because he said I see you came. Hello, why wouldn't I come to see you, I thought. We encouraged him for the rest of the encore. At the end, I shook Grunny's hand, Bob's hand & Adrian knelt down shook my hand & hugged and kissed me on the cheek. I couldn't believe it. The only thing that would have made my night even better is if we got pictures with Adrian and an autograph on our Heroes dvds.

Today was just as awesome except we were in the mezzanine where we could only dance in our seats. Before the show, we saw Grunny at breakfast where we were eating and Jesse while he went for a walk. Adrian wore a t shirt and a pair of jeans while last night he wore a long sleeved Under Armour shirt and jeans. He definitely has nice arms. I'm not saying anything more about that. Adrian was being so goofy today. He danced with Grunny for a second. He sang a little bit. He shook his tail feather during 'Shake Your Tail Feather.' He made a young ladies afternoon because she was one of 2 young women who got to dance on stage. I wish I had done this the night before. Next time, I'll dance you know. The one sour note was the US border patrol officer was a total jerk
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